Devotions for your worship ministry, emailed to you every week!

If you incorporate a devotion time into your worship ministry rehearsals, you know the potential that such a time can have on the spiritual lives of the members of your team. But you also know the frustration of trying to come up with something profound to share week after week. It’s not easy!

Here’s help!

Each week we will email you a new, fresh, insightful, scripturally-based devotion to share with your team. No more last minute digging through a concordance. No more sweating over what to say. You’ll have all that you need in your email in-box.

These are not run of the mill devotions you can find just anywhere. They are specifically designed to strengthen the worship ministry of your church.

Respected worship teacher and author Tom Kraeuter and his hand-picked team of writers will deliver concise, timely, relevant messages for you to share with your worship ministry.

But wait… there’s more!

Don’t like to read aloud? No worries! We’ll do it for you. For no additional investment we’ll send you a link to an mp3 of each week’s devotion. That way, you can just play the devotion and listen right along with everyone else. What could be easier?

If you don’t normally have a devotion time during your rehearsal, you can still use these great devotions. Just forward the email to your entire team. They can read them at their leisure. You’ll be a hero and your worship ministry will be strengthened. You can’t miss!

Click here for a sample.

Okay, here’s the deal: These devos really are THAT good, but you can now only get them as part of a bundle of great resources for worship leaders at